GeoEngineers is an earth sciences and technology consulting firm headquartered in Seattle, WA, with 300 employees and 12 offices located in the Pacific Northwest, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, California, Missouri and Louisiana.

Solutions: Sixteen Penny developed the site using Drupal. This versatile modular site-building framework and content management system was employed to meet the client’s goal of enticing visitors to spend more time on the site learning about the company’s people and projects. The site’s most impressive feature is its engaging navigational “People” page, which integrates staff photos with 75 “business card” pop-ups and a staff directory, from which users can explore individual staff profile pages. The home page displays a dramatic project photo that changes each time the page is visited. The site automatically resizes uploaded photos to display them at other sizes on various pages. With the site’s customized content management system, its extensive content, featured-staff and featured-project settings can be edited easily. Behind the site’s clean, elegant design, a sophisticated relationship-tagging scheme enables assignment of “related staff” to staff and project profile pages. Tags include expertise, markets, and projects on which employees have worked.

Designer:   Fell Swoop  
Toolkit:   Drupal, jQuery, Javascript